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Saturday, 02 January 2010 15:25

About Turtleknife.

My user-name came from my Full Tilt Poker account which took on a life of it's own after some repetitive, controversial and even humorous poker videos I posted on Youtube over the years. So you can call me Turtleknife or, well, just Marty!

I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada and have been here most of my adult life. I am with kids, dogs and a lovely wife who tolerates my obsession for production, like no other could.

I worked in the restaurant industry (even owned a restaurant for a few years) as well as numerous sales jobs before turning my focus over to self employed life on the internet. Which, by the way was not really planned at all. I started out with just one website called PokerBookReport.com because I figured that since I read all of the poker books I might as well review them online and hope for a little adsense income. For the first 6 months, I had no idea what I was doing, however I did have a good handle on Dreamweaver and loved building and adding to my website content.

One day I woke up to find that one of my reviews of a David Sklansky book actually outranked the author's own page about that book, and I thought that was rather cool! Unfortunately, I couldn't really turn that website into any notable income via adsense or Amazon so I turned my focus to reviewing 3rd part software for poker players online. I bought several products and started testing them and writing articles about them. I posted one article on my new website, and then started posting several each week on ezinearticles. Incredibly, I started getting traffic and earning a few commissions here and there through affiliate links on PokerCalculatorReport.com.