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Making quick logos for Word Press using Keynote PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Turtleknife   
Monday, 06 September 2010 21:07

If you put up a lot of word press blogs (or other CMS), you will have to customize them to at least some degree. That normally involves creating your own banner. Now, if this is an auto-blog in particular, it's a good thing to make them look legit and feed them great content, but you don't want to spend a lot of time creating graphics.


What I often do is use Keynote for creating banners and any other graphics I need in jiffy. Now this is coming from someone who OWNS photoshop, even though I readily admit one does not replace the other. I just prefer the quickness of Keynote, which is part of the iWorks Apple software package. You can do the exact same thing using powerpoint too.

I made this video for Dana in the Warrior forum and decided it may help others. So here it is. This video shows how to create basic banner, and then how to get it off of keynote and into a jpg file. I use Skitch.com to extract the in this video, but if you are on PC, the free version of Jing will do the exact same thing.