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Adding HTML links inside articles in Joomla! PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 13 January 2010 12:32

This lesson shows how what a hyperlink is, and how to add it to a keyword in an article. So, what is a hyperlink? A hyperlink is where an image or text is is linked to another webpage. Normally, this takes some HTML coding to do, but you can also do it right inside the Joomla! editor.

What is a keyword?


A keyword is any term used in search on the internet. It is usually a combination of words together, that could be a name like Conan O'Brien, a question like How do I make a fish pond?, or anything else people search for on the internet. Whatever you have put in a search box, is a keyword.

Ranking for keywords.


These are page 1 (1) results for the term Conan O'Brien. To rank highly on search results for particular keywords, your website or webpage needs to be referenced often by other webpages on the internet. Depending on the competition for a keyword, this could mean hundreds of thousands of references. To be referred in the world of the WWW, you need other websites to hyperlink to yours, but when building your own websites, you need to do linking yourself.

Adding a link.


So to rank highly for the keyword, "Conan O'Brien" (1) you want lots of other websites to link to you using that very keyword. To set up such a link, webmasters would normally need to add some HTML linking code in their content like here (2). This will result in a live link that the reader of an article will see, such as in (3). But when you set up a link to another page in your Joomla! article, you have an easier way to do it.

Select text in article


So we will go back into our last article we submitted and "select" some text we want to use a keyword linking text to another website. In this case we will link "ionic purifier" to another website.

Where to link to.


We will be linking to this website which ranks for that keyword.

Set up link in Joomla!


Click the chain link icon above the article, then in the pop-up window paste the URL you are linking to where it says Link URL. Click INSERT at the bottom of the pop-up window and then save your article, and check it live.

Live link inserted.


Now you can see that the link is live. When Google crawls this article, it will see the link and add a reference for that site using that keyword. Here is the location of the detox foot bath article if you want to see the link work live. Notice that detox foot bath is linked to the article too, giving that article some reference.