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Johnnie Walker - The Man Who Walked Around The World PDF Print E-mail
Written by Turtleknife   
Monday, 24 May 2010 14:41

Since this video has nearly a half million views already, the arguments of it being boring or having a disconnect with the audience are just bizarre. Was it the greatest marketing video ever made? Certainly, not. However, it does not have to be. It is what it is - clever marketing, excellent production, and something quite - different - even for Youtube.


Johnny Walker is a premium label, with a premium price. The purpose of this video is for people who have never tried it or rarely go to the expense of asking for it. Since the product does not compete on price, then it must compete on the image or benefits associated with owning or using the product. There are many such examples in the marketplace but one that specifically comes to mind is Volkswagen, and how that company consistently uses their history and dedication to quality, to position themselves as a superior brand, rarely competing on price point.

The Johnnie Walker video is reaching out to those people who are just at the cusp of learning that spending on quality can be a good thing. Not just for the immediate sake of getting something that lasts longer, tastes better, feels better, looks better, etc., but also for the fact that you are different enough or smart enough to be associated with such a product, that it also sets you out as a leader in your small community. Yes, that can happen with what you choose to drink, just the same as what you choose to drive.

When I was a part-time bartender, somebody had to order Johnny Walker by name for us to pour it. When we did get the rare order, there was extra attention as to who ordered it, who served it, how it got served, and even the perfection of the glass that we put it in. Then the bottle would return to its place high on a shelf for the next special person to order it. I don't drink whiskey or scotch or anything stronger than a Mike's hard lemonade, but I do know that when somebody ordered Johnny Walker - they were different, special in some way. There is no disconnect in that, but rather a product to aspire to own.

That is the power of branding.

This video is a very effective branding production. So I believe that we can all take lessons from it in the effectiveness of branding our own products, videos, websites, author names, reports etc.