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Warrior Forum member DEMANDS a testimonial from his paying customers. PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 19 June 2010 14:15

I purchased this course a few months back to see if I could learn any video techniques. I found it rather disappointing, even though I actually enjoyed participating in the forum created alongside this course. The content was actually rather slow moving, but I could see it being a course for true beginners getting familiar with Camtasia.



If you actually watch this sales video, there are numerous flaws with it IMHO, and Kevin Riley, the creator seems to be yelling out a script here. In spite of some of these clear warning signs as to the quality of the content, I still bought the course because it was so darned cheap. I figure there has to be something worthwhile in the course.

No responses after the second assignment. From 500+ customers!


The course consisted of creating many video projects, but of the 500 or so participants, only a few stuck around past the second video project. In fact, in the forum feedback area for videos created by participants beyond the second project remain completely EMPTY. Even the 2nd project it self had only 2 users submit a video.

I really got too bored with the pace of this content, and cannot speak for the other 500 or so buyers, but obviously something is not working with the course and/or its instructor.

Which brings me to the point of this SideWiki. Kevin Riley is compiling this content into yet another product, but when he received such uninspired response to his request for testimonials, he followed it up with this "request" which IMHO was entirely unprofessional and ignored the realities of his course - which is there was very little success with what he was teaching and how he was teaching it.

Here is Kevin's email sent to members who have already paid for his course -


Two threads in the forum even talked about the lack of participation in the course.

Kevin's DEMANDS for a testimonial -

To say that I am disappointed in the miserably poor response to my request for testimonials (sent 2 weeks ago) would be a major understatement. I can't understand why, after all the effort I have put into this Workshop, and the fact that you have in front of of you a valuable Workshop that is many magnitudes of value above the paltry entry fee you paid, you find it so difficult to take 10 minutes to write a testimonial.

Now, there is a small handful of superstars who did respond. Ed Durham wrote me a wonderful 2-page epistle. David Hardman, Cheryl Laures, John Kirk, Grahame Brown, Kevin Kannmacher, Mike Elder, Jim Lorenzo, Roger Rohrs, Sylvia Dickens, Phil Knaus, Neil Jeffrey, and Tom Harvey all stepped up to the plate. Wal Gifford is shooting a video testimonial this weekend.

Where are the other 500+? I need your feedback this weekend. I'm assembling the sales video now and deadline is Monday.


Every Workshop I do for Warriors is done at a ridiculously low price. There's only one thing I ask in return - a testimonial that I can use to market the final product. I don't think it is too much to ask. IMO, you received your entry fee's value in the first week (correct me if I'm wrong) and we are about to enter Week 12. In the past, I've always been able to count on Warriors to provide some feedback.

Please sit down right now and write your testimonial. Send it, along with your full name, location, and a photo via e-mail, Skype, forum PM, or post it in the forlorn Feedback thread.

Below, you'll find the original questions.

Thank you,

Kevin Riley

PS: Today's lesson will be posted 30 minutes later, to give you time to write.


Well at least Kevin Riley gave us an extra 30 minutes to write him a glowing testimonial!!

How alarming I thought to myself for someone to risk scuttling their reputation with such arm-twisting tactics to get testimonials for a product that is PROVEN to be unsuccessful by it's own participants in the Video Production Workshop Lab.

Just because a creator has spent so much time on his own project does not make it a slam dunk success in the eyes of buyers like myself.

I sent a reply to Kevin suggesting his tactics were unprofessional and a simple and friendly reminder would have sufficed.

I wrote: Kevin - I don't think this is the way to get genuine testimonials, and am quite alarmed at this arm-twisting tactic.

Kevin responded: Marty

I never expected any from you.


A thread from another irate customer of Kevin's was posted in the Warrior Forum and met with shock and disbelief that such an email would come from Kevin Riley. Fortunately for him, Kevin has friends in the Warrior Forum, including Allen himself who surely got a cut from the sales of this workshop as it was Warrior Forum sponsored. So the damaging evidence was quickly deleted as were any comments that crossed Kevin's stance on this email in his own forum at Video Production Lab workshop.

I think there is a simple lesson here in being able to take stock of the reality of a situation, in that even if you spend a lot of time creating a product, it is the buyers who will decide as to the quality/success - not the creator.

Believe me I have been through this myself, but cannot imagine trying to turn the blame onto my customers and demand they step up and write a testimonial. Still in disbelief over this outrageous tactic from an otherwise established business person.

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