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More Warrior Forum Nonsense PDF Print E-mail
Written by Turtleknife   
Thursday, 07 January 2010 13:12

Steve Wagenheim in the Warrior Forum comes out swinging again. Apparently someone took his content offered here in the Warrior Forum, and served up the same content in another thread for free. Ok that's not cool, but...


Here comes Steve.


So Steve starts a thread threatening legal action against people who use his videos and make funny pics of him. Yes, this is the same Steve Wagenheim who said he was suing Google when they launched SideWiki.

Hypocrisy in writing.


This is also the same Steve Wagenheim who blasted me on the Warrior Forum for having an open mind to Google's SideWiki, then proceeds to write an article about other people wasting energy on whining about all the things they don't like. You can read the article and my SideWiki response to it here, and see just how a pot calls a kettle black .

Sharp Warrior member points out Steve's own error.


It seems Steve Wagenheim actually posted the download links in a video for everyone to see. Talk about inviting problems.

Is this post in the right section?


A few of us asked this in the thread because what his post actually did was hi light the fact that there was some free content out there of his.. so if anyone was looking to grab it, they could just do a search now and download. But we know Warrior members wouldn't do that, huh? ;-)

Agreed, Jeremy.


Jeremy points out the same thing here.

Other security issues.


This member also points out other security issues with content and how his links were not php secured to begin with. In this, the post questions what kind of a case Steve would have against the immorals who took the stuff.

Finally Steve agrees he screwed up.


When Steve Wagenheim realizes how bad this thread looks on him he claims "I am stupid" (1). He also revises his main thread title pleading with the Mods to delete the thread. Best idea he has had all day.

Not really sure about this guy.

Ouch! I knew this entire thread would get deleted when Steve pleaded just that, so I thought I would try the new screensteps software to capture some more useless crying (by self-proclaimed professionals) on the Warrior Forum. What a fun way to start the day.